UX / Design

Our Design Process

  • introduction

    Introductory Meeting

    Learning about your needs

    To create the perfect image, we first need to understand your vision and goals. Nobody understands your brand better than you, and we need to get as best an understanding as possible to bring its digital face to life.

  • brainstorm

    Brainstorm & Strategy

    Planning and idea gathering

    Once we have an understanding of what your brand is all about, its time for us to let the creative juices flow and create some concepts for you. We understand how unique your company is, and our branding and design concepts will help demonstrate your passion to the digital world.

  • brainstorm

    Framework and Typography

    Getting the basics down first

    Part of creating concepts is figuring out what style of fonts, colours, and textures suit your image. Your personal aesthetic is something that is vital the the perfect digital image, ensuring your satisfaction with the final product.

  • brainstorm

    Prototype & Design

    Bringing our Ideas to Life

    Laying out the proper framework with a mobile first design, your branding starts coming to life. Content management, website layout, and basic layouts come into place; allowing you to explore our concepts online to get a better understanding of where the project is headed.

  • brainstorm

    Responsive Design

    Layouts for Every Device

    With 60% of traffic coming from mobile devices, designing a website for computers is now only a small part of the design process. Our responsive designs are mobile ready, ensuring visitors get the perfect display regardless of what device they are viewing from.

  • training


    Getting you comfortable

    Once we've completed the design process, its time to teach you how to manage some of areas of the website and navigate the content management system. We ensure the backend of your website is as unique as the frontend, making it quick and simple to make minor changes should you so choose.

  • launch

    Product Launch

    Say hey with your new design!

    With your approval we make all the necessary changes to get your design live on the internet. Our team works diligantly to get all search engine and display changes complete so your site is easily accessible to anyone looking. We submit to necessary search engines, sync your domain and can even help set up email and hosting.