Starting in 2017, FeastFast quickly developed into one of Northern Ontarios featured Food Festivals. Enthousiats far and wide came in search of the perfect treat, with social media tags galour reaching foodies everywhere. With an initial delivered Photoshop to Web layout, this year we completely redid a custom design that was more tailoured towards the branding of Ernabus.


Ernabus decided it was time for a more focused facelift towards the end of 2017, and as such their website undertook a complete overhaul. Our team built a responsive, user friendly design that dramatically changed their online presence. After originally using someone elses deisgn it was nice to have cart blanche to take our ideas where we best felt. By incorporating a responsive fully mobile friendly layout, visitors where able to check on event details from their mobile devices with ease. Tickets could also be purchsed in advance to secure a spot for the evening music entertainment. Merging all existing date, along with creating events pages information, and new company branding. A custom backend was also developed to allow Ernabus to update content as they see fit.


Our responsive design and intricate UX layout ensures AdmiralLive will get maximum visitor interaction, increasing ticket sales and event attendance. We also placed strategic information collection boxes thourghout the website to maximize the opportunites to collect visitor contact information. These input boxes are placed discreatly so as not to interfere with the UI of the design.

The length of stay has increased over 80%, with mobile traffic up an astounding 154% in the last 2 months. Responsive, mobile first designs are key to a proper digital campaign.

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